Resident Pole Instructor [Advanced]

The Aerial Studio

The Aerial Studio is a ladies-only studio that aims to empower women through pole dancing and aerial arts.

We are always looking for emerging talents. If you love pole and aerial dance and are passionate about teaching, please fill out our application for employment. We can’t wait to meet you!

What We Are Offering:

1) Completely FREE accommodation in the studio’s resident bedroom with internet access (food not included).

2) Competitive pay. Fixed percentage with incentives and monthly events.

3) Unrestricted studio access when there are no classes or events.

4) Instructor Continuing Education program. We frequently host senior instructors from around the globe to walk us through new techniques and forms.

5) An unconditionally loving community. Our sole purpose is to empower women through aerial arts, this includes our instructors and staff!

What We Are Looking For:

1) A certified or advanced-level pole instructor. We may ask for videos demonstrating your current skill level or schedule an online audition.

2) Fluent English speaker that communicates well with students and staff.

3) Friendly personality: someone who genuinely enjoys being around people.

4) Someone with the patience to explain information and the ability to break down movements into manageable chunks of information

5) Someone with the ability to execute tricks and transitions that they will be teaching, with technically correct form and the ability to explain the technical excellence of form (often small adjustments that have a big impact) in a clear and direct manner.

We only have one spot for a resident Pole Instructor. Hurry up and send your application. Best of luck to you!

To apply for this job email your details to